Greenfield tod

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Hillsboro 1990
ORENCO Site 1994, Hillsboro, OREGON
Hillsboro 2011
ORENCO Site 2000, Hillsboro, OREGON
The most essential element for a greenfield TOD is a grid of complete streets.

Greenfield TOD occurs when transit-supportive land uses, densities and a grid of streets are constructed in a previously undeveloped area. Greenfield sites are typically located on the suburban fringe of a metropolitan region. In some instances, large reuse sites located within urban areas are also considered greenfield sites. Opportunities associated with greenfield TOD development include the potential to:

  • Effectively implement ideal TOD land uses and street and block configurations around transit stations
  • Provide medium-and high-density land uses, thus increasing the potential for higher long-term transit ridership
  • Reduce compatibility concerns between existing conditions and TOD land uses, scale and character


Hillsboro, Oregon
Redmond, Washington
Beaverton, Oregon
Englewood, Colorado
Aurora, Colorado
Spokane Valley, Washington
Edmonton, Alberta