CA Process Diagram
Crandall Arambula’s innovative and transparent process creates plan support.

Our systematic three-step approach—Starting, Designing, and Implementing—is driven by an innovative and transparent public process. The process allows us to build public, private and political support while keeping projects on schedule and within budget. The resulting design solutions and implementation strategies are always unique to each community’s physical needs, vision and goals.


We use balloting and polling to record the opinions of all stakeholders and citizens and to ensure that all voices heard. Oftentimes, only the vocal few will speak out for or against issues, making it difficult to gain a clear understanding of the preferences of the entire public meeting audience. Response sheets with ballots ensure that project decisions are supported by the majority of the residents and are politically defensible.

“They have a public involvement
process that comes as close to
perfect as one can expect.”

Loretta Daniel
Principal Planner
City of Aurora, Colorado